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A few weeks ago, we submitted our application for The Circular Kickstart – a startup class for businesses ready to jump into the new circular economy.

“Current linear business models no longer have a future. We need a new economic system that provides endless growth within the boundaries of our ecosystem.”

At Project Nekton, we turn old technology into new technology: we convert old lighting fixtures to LED fixtures and we make the lighting fixtures smart by applying sensors and smart cloud-connected controls.

So we highly value sustainability; we want to be best in class with our lighting projects. But, like many other companies, we also face numerous challenges in the new circular economy: How can we make a difference as a service provider in the circular economy and become the reference when it comes to circular lighting at the expertise and implementation level?

To find an answer to that question, we signed up for The Circular Kickstart. And we are immensely proud to announce that Project Nekton has been selected as one of 20 participants in this unique program! Over the next 8 exciting sessions, we will be able to learn from the insights and experience of top experts over the next few weeks to give Project Nekton the vital circular boost we need. Together with a team of experts and mentors we will be able to shift faster to a futureproof and circular business mindset.

We are looking forward to it!

Want to know more about the possibilities of sustainable lighting? Get advice from our experts!

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