Project Nekton

Project Nekton is a total integrator of lighting solutions where sustainability, comfort and digital innovation go hand in hand. Project Nekton designs, realises and continuously monitors its installations so that quality can be guaranteed at all times during operation. We are passionate about light. 

We resolutely opt for energy-efficient lighting in combination with smart sensors and also offer extra added value in the form of data analysis, specifically targeted at the needs of the customer.

Our installations are future-proof: right from the design stage, we take into account future potential expansions and innovations in a rapidly changing market. Every project is unique and deserves a holistic approach, and Project Nekton is the ideal partner for this.

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Nekton (νηκτόν) means "swimming" in Greek and refers to swimming aquatic animals such as whales, dolphins or octopus.

The ocean has great symbolic value in the fight against global warming. Project Nekton wants to show its ambition together with you and help Europe become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050.

A healthy mind in a healthy body. Who wouldn't want to work in a healthy environment that promotes general positivity, good spirits and the ability to learn? We can maximise the positive aspects of sunlight in the indoor climate.
Digital technology and new business cultures have significantly changed the way we work. The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G and artificial intelligence is opening up a new paradigm in which organisations and employees must adapt to remain competitive.

Vzw Groen Licht Vlaanderen 

Project Nekton is a proud member of Groen Licht Vlaanderen: Groen Licht Vlaanderen vzw is a lighting cluster of more than 70 affiliated organisations. The lighting cluster is recognised by the Flemish Government (VLAIO, Agency for Innovation and Enterprise) as an Innovative Business Network on integrative and connected lighting.

Our Team

The best ideas are often born between two glasses of beer. It was no different with Project Nekton. A broad mix of knowledge and skills, a long-standing friendship and a shared passion laid the foundation for our adventure.


Cédric, the dinosaur of the team, saw the light after his studies in Industrial Engineering as a light designer at Philips and became a sales consultant after a few years. With his light microbe, he likes to infect any layman with the subject.

In 2017, Cédric becomes a freelancer and enjoys sharing his lighting expertise with new colleagues. At Encon and Jade Synergies, he gets to know sustainability projects and their financing in the broad sense of the word.

In 2019, Cédric will be going international as Sales Manager at the Belgian light manufacturer ZUMI.
In May 2021, Cédric joined S&G Projects and the company was renamed Project Nekton.

In his free time, besides music, Cédric is especially passionate about everything that is propelled by wind in the water, sailing in the broad sense of the word.


Stéphane is the youngest of the three musketeers and the inspirer of S&G Projects.

After graduating in Electronics in 2012, Stéphane gained experience at BASF, timekeeper/time attendance company Protime and green energy generator Biolectric. Here he built up his knowledge and skills in challenging electrical installations with network components and heavy industry. In 2016, the entrepreneur in Stéphane was born and he started as a self-employed electrician.

In 2019, his brother joins the business. From then on, the focus is mainly on the installation of lighting projects for industry and offices, both as subcontractors and in own projects.
In May 2021, Cédric comes on board and the company gets a new name: Project Nekton.

In his spare time, Stéphane is busy collecting data and predictive models to find the most suitable weather conditions to plan his next hair-raising windsurfing trip.


Guy, Stéphane's big brother, gained experience in sales and events at Nearly New Car and Mercedes after studying business management.

In 2016, Guy takes over the daily management at Plein Publiek, the hyper-popular venue for circular events in Antwerp and Brussels.

In 2019, he joined his brother in the business S&G Projects, where his organisational skills come in handy, but where he also retrained hands-on as a craftsman in electrical work.
In May 2021, Cédric comes on board and the company gets a new name: Project Nekton.

In his spare time, apart from descending rough terrains on his mountain bike, he is above all the ideal father to his two young children.


Vincent is the youngest (literally) addition to our Project Nekton team.

After five years as a salesman at a wholesaler, it was time to prove that he could do more than visit customers and negotiate contracts. For as nice as it is to work with satisfied customers, Vincent dreamed of being able to work more with his hands. This is how he ended up at Project Nekton and our gamin has grown into a jack-of-all-trades: in addition to sales, lighting studies no longer hold any secrets for him, and he helps with the installation of lighting at our customers' premises. Talk about working with your hands.

Vincent's greatest asset? At almost 2 metres, he doesn't need a ladder to reach the lights!

In his spare time, you can find him on the sports field, or behind the pizza oven. Because on an empty stomach, you obviously can't exercise or work.


Simon is our most recent Project Nekton team member.

Equipped with a bachelor's degree in logistics management and a degree in electromechanics. He worked in logistics in Belgium for a few years, followed by brief humanitarian adventures in Nepal and Haiti before finally deciding he wanted to do a more hands-on type of work.

Going back to his degree in electromechanics, he joined the team in 2022 on a trial basis to help with operations. He joined the team fully in 2023 and is now learning the ropes of sustainable lighting.

In his spare time, he plays football (with Vincent) or hangs out in the Caribbean.