Sustainable Lighting

Project Nekton offers sustainable lighting solutions that increase the well-being, profitability and efficiency of your business, while reducing your carbon footprint.

What we do

Project Nekton is a total integrator of lighting solutions where sustainability, comfort and digital innovation go hand in hand.


There is a sustainable lighting solution for every conceivable application. Endlessly versatile and always customised, discover the possibilities.

About Project Nekton

A broad mix of knowledge and skills, a long-standing friendship and a shared passion laid the foundation for our adventure.

How can Project Nekton help?

We choose ideal light for happy employees, planet & prosperity

We install smart sensors

We transform a lighting plan into a communicating whole

We monitor the installation continuously and can therefore ensure proactive service and maintenance.

We propose continuous light and energy optimisations based on thorough data analysis

We integrate the smart sensors with an integral platform so they can also communicate and interact with other building technologies

Recent news


It's official: Project Nekton has been selected for The Circular Kickstart!

We are immensely proud to announce that Project Nekton has been selected as a participant in...

Project Nekton moves to BLWRK in Edegem

You can find Project Nekton from now on at BLWRK - a unique co-working space in...

Project Nekton is a Certified Commissioning Partner of Casambi

Stéphane, Guy and Cédric have achieved Casambi Commissioning Competence Certification!

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Lower your energy bill with smart connected LED lighting

With smart LED lighting, your business will save up to 80% on energy bills.

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Recent cases


Case: Induver

Human centric lighting in the offices of Induver, in collaboration with LoooP.

Case: Mayerhof residential care centre

Thanks to smart LED downlights, residential care home Mayerhof can save energy on their lighting up to 82%.

Case: Asogem

An energy saving of 77% thanks to new high-quality LED lighting in Asogem Mechelen's warehouses.

These satisfied customers have already gone before you!

Satisfied customers are our best ambassadors. We are therefore very proud to have gained the trust of some wonderful customers!