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Interact – Where lighting and IoT meet

Project Nekton is Certified System Integrator for Interact – the Internet of Things platform for connected lighting systems.

Hardware + software + services = light and insight

Interact is a portfolio of custom software applications designed specifically to enable connected lighting systems and the data they collect to work together with your smart buildings, smart warehouse, smart city and other solutions using the Internet of Things.

Think of an Interact system as a smart, responsive computer network that provides light. In general, an Interact connected lighting system consists of three main levels or layers: hardware installed in the lit space, software accessed through the cloud, and optional services from Signify.

Interact - Project Nekton Interact - Project Nekton

Lighting management

You can manage a connected lighting system much more easily and effectively. View real-time data on the status and operation of your entire lighting system through a user-friendly dashboard. With sensors built into the fixtures or added to the system, you can collect detailed data of the lit environment.

Manage anywhere, anytime

With the cloud-based Interact IoT platform, you can manage and monitor individual light points, groups of light points or your entire system remotely. Check operational status, switch and dim, schedule and troubleshoot from anywhere with an Internet connection, at any time. With a complete view of your lighting operations, you can tailor your lighting and energy output to your specific requirements, optimizing operational performance and reducing costs.

Interact Office

Turn your office into a smart office

Improve employee performance and reduce wasted time with Interact Office software. Help employees find empty meeting rooms or available workstations and enable personalized lighting. Then use occupancy insights to see where and how people like to work, giving you insight into energy and space savings and efficiency improvements. Just install Philips’ connected lighting with built-in IoT sensors and Interact Office software. You can use the insights gained to optimize building efficiency to create a sustainable smart office.


View all light points, energy consumption, occupancy and pedestrian patterns and more. Lighting system data is stored in the Interact IoT platform in the cloud. Analyze and report historical data to discover trends and gain new insights that you can use to maximize energy and operational efficiency and help you achieve your sustainability goals. Sensor data can similarly be used to improve business processes, hotel guest experiences and city services.

Adapt and scale

Start small – for example, with the office lighting on one floor of your building – and scale up the system according to your plans and budgets. Easily configure and reconfigure the system as your lighting needs grow and change – whether you want to change the layout of your workspace or warhouse, add new areas to your lighting plan or change the scene of a meeting room. You’re in complete control.

Interact - Project Nekton

Interact Industry

Future-proof your business

Interested in smart warehouses or smart manufacturing or logistics facilities? Interact Industry offers an innovation platform that allows you to optimize efficiency and energy savings and improve productivity and safety. Our light management system delivers added value in the form of insights and data. At the same time, it allows you to reduce operational costs, comply with legal requirements and better plan maintenance. Guessing is no longer necessary. From now on, you make real-time decisions based on facts.

Sustainable and safe

Minimize energy consumption and meet sustainability goals by monitoring, reporting and analyzing real-time and historical energy consumption. Save energy and move toward sustainable operations with a range of efficiency features, including dimming schedules, light capture and presence detection. Your data is fully protected with robust user authentication procedures and award-winning cyber security measures.

Connected ecosystem

With open, secure APIs, you can share real-time and historical lighting data with other connected systems to build a smart ecosystem. APIs and other tools allow third-party software developers to enrich the Interact platform by creating new apps and integrations that use Interact commands and data.

Certified System Integrator

Project Nekton has completed the necessary training and earned accreditations to be recognized as a Certified System Integrator of the Interact platform.

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