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Signify NatureConnect brings daylight indoors

Project Nekton is a proud partner of Signify – so we are pleased to highlight their latest, innovative lighting solution: NatureConnect by Signify.

We spend a lot of time indoors, often in locations without windows or (much) natural light. Studies show that natural light has a huge impact on productivity and alertness, reduces stress and contributes to better sleep. So the importance of natural light to our health cannot be underestimated.

NatureConnect by Signify mimics daylight and sky views through lighting scenes that boost energy levels and make windowless spaces feel in sync with nature.

NatureConnect by Signify transforms your indoor spaces into productive, inspiring and relaxing spaces!

The Importance of Human Centric Lighting

In today’s office environments, “Human Centric Lighting” (HCL) plays a crucial role in promoting employee well-being and performance. HCL goes beyond traditional lighting by prioritizing people’s physiological and psychological needs. This approach simulates natural light patterns, optimizes brightness, and adjusts color temperatures throughout the day to support circadian rhythms. This results in improved overall health, mood and productivity.

Implementing HCL in offices not only provides benefits to individual employee well-being through improved focus and concentration, but also contributes to creativity and collaboration, overall productivity and business profitability.

Read more about the importance and many benefits of Human Centric Lighting in our blog.

Evolution of the value of light

Lighting plays a crucial role in our society, far beyond the simple functionality of dispelling darkness. As technologies evolve, lighting increasingly impacts various aspects of our daily lives and well-being. Modern lighting strategies not only offer improved energy efficiency and cost savings, but also increase quality of life by contributing to our health and productivity. Innovations such as intelligent lighting systems and human-centric lighting demonstrate how advanced lighting solutions can integrate into the structures of sustainability and well-being promotion within both living and working environments.

Meanwhile, as you can see in the chart, society has evolved from the basic purpose of lighting to be efficient, to intelligent lighting systems and Human-Centric Lighting, all of which contribute to a better quality of life. Increasingly, the importance of recycling and reuse is also increasing, under the banner of the circular economy.

NatureConnect by Signify - Project Nekton

NatureConnect by Signify

Improves performance

Increase employees’ alertness and vitality.

Read the case study of Signify

Increase occupancy rates

Ensure that meeting rooms are booked more frequently.

Read the case study of Signify

Inspires the environment

Creating a lively, joyful and pleasant atmosphere.

NatureConnect by Signify - Project Nekton NatureConnect by Signify - Project Nekton

Why NatureConnect by Signify?

Some of the reasons why NatureConnect by Signify is the ideal solution for transforming dark rooms into attractive spaces:

  • Bringing daylight into places without windows
  • Turning even the darkest spaces into engaging and productive spaces
  • Making people more energetic and vital while at work
  • Increasing the occupancy rate of meeting rooms and hospitality venues


Many meeting rooms in offices lack daylight, which affects employees’ daily performance and productivity.

NatureConnect by Signify transforms dark spaces into engaging and productive workspaces.


In healthcare facilities, people spend long hours indoors, leading to limited exposure to natural light.

NatureConnect by Signify creates a supportive and pleasant environment for both patients and staff.


Conference rooms are usually located in the basement and are therefore often windowless and dark spaces.

NatureConnect by Signify not only creates inspiring spaces, but also boosts your revenue from renting them out.

Are you curious about the capabilities of NatureConnect by Signify?

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