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Adquio recently launched its new Adquio Wall Screen 4″, a new integrated Casambi control screen made to fit into existing European light switches spaces for seamless integration.

With the Adquio Wall Screen 4″, you not only have a slim screen, but also a versatile device that transforms your business or office into a fully connected space. In addition to seamless control of Casambi lighting, this screen gives you the ability to manage multiple systems simultaneously, providing a comprehensive and intuitive experience.

As an official partner of both Adquio and Casambi, we are pleased to introduce this new innovative technology that combines seamless design with high-performance lighting technology. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what the Adquio Wall Screen 4″ is, how it works and what benefits it offers for your business or application.

Adquio Wall Screen 4" - The New Integrated Casambi Control Screen

Compact and Aesthetic Design

The Adquio Wall Screen 4″ is a paragon of modern technology, specially designed to combine aesthetics with functionality. Its compact design is not only a technical achievement; it also provides a subtle and stylish presence that blends seamlessly into its surroundings. It fits perfectly into standard European switch space, making it an ideal choice for both renovation projects and new installations without the need for major modifications.

This subtle design allows for non-invasive integration of technology into traditional and modern interiors. Whether in office spaces, industrial environments or at home, the Adquio Wall Screen 4″ adds a touch of class without disturbing the existing aesthetic of the space.

Advanced Technological Integration

One of the most striking features of the Adquio Wall Screen 4″ is the integration of a full Android system. This platform offers users flexibility and accessibility through the ability to run the Casambi app by default. The presence of a fully operational operating system opens the door for extensions and customizations beyond traditional control panels. Users can install and customize other applications, making it a versatile tool that adapts to specific needs and requirements.

Intuitive Interaction

In addition to its technical capabilities, the Adquio Wall Screen 4″ offers an intuitive user interface. The interface is designed with ease of use in mind, making all functions accessible with just a few touches. This aspect is crucial to ensuring an efficient and enjoyable user experience. The high-resolution display makes details visible and vivid, contributing to an interactive experience that allows users not only to control, but also to truly connect with their surroundings.

Adquio Wall Screen 4" - The New Integrated Casambi Control Screen


The Adquio Wall Screen 4″ is designed to make installation as simple and straightforward as possible. Due to its compact size and standardization to European switch spaces (in a 60 mm flush-mounted box), the device can be easily integrated without major changes to the existing infrastructure. This makes it an ideal choice both for retrofitting in existing buildings and for installation in new projects.

An interesting feature of the Adquio Wall Screen 4″ is its flexibility in power supply. The device can be powered by either 110-240 V AC or via Power Over Ethernet (POE). This provides multiple options for installation depending on available infrastructure and user preferences:

  • AC Power: For buildings where traditional wiring is present, the Adquio Wall Screen 4″ can be easily connected to standard AC power lines. This is especially useful in existing structures where adding new wiring would be impractical. The unit can be connected to WiFi, and will communicate with your Casambi network via Bluetooth.
  • POE (Power Over Ethernet): For newer installations or where advanced network management is an issue, the Adquio Wall Screen 4″ can also be powered via Ethernet cables. Installation this way provides the most reliable connection, but is also technically the most complex way. POE is a good option for new construction where the network cables are already pre-installed at the time of construction.

Project Nekton offers full support and expertise for the installation of the Adquio Wall Screen 4″. Our team of experts can assist you with both the planning and execution of the installation, and ensure seamless integration into your existing systems!

Adquio Wall Screen 4" - The New Integrated Casambi Control Screen

Extensive Connectivity

With options such as RJ45 for local networking, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, and the ability to act as a Wi-Fi access point, the Adquio Wall Screen 4″ offers unprecedented versatility. This connectivity enables remote control and access to a range of functions, from RGB lighting control to climate management and display of environmental data such as CO₂ saturation, temperature and humidity.

The combination of these connectivity options allows the Adquio Wall Screen 4″ to act as a hub within an intelligent lighting system or broader smart home or office system. The device can integrate seamlessly with existing systems and provides users with a central point of control and access both locally and remotely. This significantly increases usability and allows users to efficiently manage their systems without having to be physically present.

All technical specifications can be found here

Expansion and Efficiency

A key aspect of the Adquio Wall Screen 4″ is its ability to work in conjunction with the Adquio Controller, a powerful tool at the heart of this system’s expandability. The controller is designed to support up to 120 individual control screens, making it ideal for both small- and large-scale deployments.

The Adquio Wall Screen 4″, combined with the Adquio Controller, offers exceptional scalability. This is especially advantageous for larger buildings or campuses where multiple rooms and areas need to be managed individually. With the ability to efficiently manage multiple screens through one central controller, users can set up an extensive network of devices without the complexity normally associated with such expansions.

This capability allows businesses and organizations to establish a consistent and manageable system that can grow and evolve in line with their needs.

Partner of Casambi

As partners of Casambi, Adquio has found the perfect complement in the Adquio Wall Screen 4″, taking the Casambi experience to new heights. This device is not just a display; it is a gateway to a future where control of your lighting seamlessly blends into a modern lifestyle.


The Adquio Wall Screen 4″ sets new standards for integrated control, allowing users to manage multiple systems from a single screen. The device redefines not only the control of Casambi lighting, but also the overall interaction with our environment.

The combination of these innovative features makes the Adquio Wall Screen 4″ an exceptional addition to the smart technology market, highlighting the importance of both form and function in today’s technological designs. Besides the 4-inch Wall Screen, Adquio also offers a whole range of other sizes for its control screens, from the smallest 4″ to the 17″ Industrial Screen and the 32″ Control Screen. All formats can be viewed here.

With Project Nekton’s support, customers can expect to install not just a product, but an integrated solution that transforms their interaction with technology and their spaces!

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