Adquio - Illuminating a sustainable future

Project Nekton is official partner of Adquio, a modern ecosystem for smart control of electronic devices such as lighting.

Adquio ecosystem

The Adquio ecosystem consists of controls, extensions, control screens, user interfaces and sensors.


Available in different programmable controllers for DIN-rail, microserver, server and virtualised version running in the cloud, for all types of needs, scenarios and sectors.


Wide range of extensions with all kinds of inputs and outputs, analogue, digital, temperature sensors, relays, etc. Compatible in various ways with all controller models.

Control screens

Control screens with powerful customer interface design software. Customisable to all your needs. Models available for all sectors, from retail to industry.


Full range of user interfaces, SCADA for local plant control and advanced BMS software for data analysis, remote control and automatic monitoring with artificial intelligence.


A growing range of all kinds of probes, wired and wireless LoRa, so far temperature, humidity, CO₂, VOC, and very soon many more options, decibels, CO, etc.

The key to unlimited growth

In a world where automation is gaining importance, efficient and scalable control systems are essential for continued success. Adquio's programmable controllers are the ideal solution for companies looking to drive growth and adaptability. Oversized from their design, Adquio controllers offer greater processing capacity, memory, storage and communication capability than conventional controllers. They are transformative for your control installations and boost your success in the market.

Communication capability and flexibility are crucial in the control environment. Adquio controllers excel for their advanced communication capabilities and flexibility. Each Adquio controller has 4 485 ports, whereas conventional controllers usually have only one or two. This extensive communication capability allows you to make simultaneous connections to multiple external devices. In addition, Adquio controllers offer unlimited scalability for continuous growth. With Adquio controllers, you can expand your control installations without limitations. Get ready for continuous growth and maximise the potential of your facilities.

Adquio + Casambi

How Adquio helps with Casambi installations

At Project Nekton, we are always looking for the best ways to make your Casambi network to monitor.

We can connect via the Casambi API or directly via the Bluetooth device mesh. We prefer the second option, as it connects directly to the Casambi network without depending on an internet connection. For this connection, we use the Lithernet Gateway, which delivers all data from the Casambi network in real time and bi-directionally.

Installation is quite simple. You benefit from the conveniences of Casambi networking, not having to worry about cables, as all control and communication is done wirelessly.

On the control side, you use POE devices. Both the Lithernet Gateway and the Adquio displays can be powered via the network cable itself, greatly simplifying installation.

And if you need to connect it to a BMS? No problem, Adquio offers you several options. You can use the Adquio Cloud BMS, which is directly integrated into Adquio controllers. If your customer already has a BMS or wants to use another one, Adquio can facilitate this communication by transmitting all data via standard protocols such as Modbus or MQTT.

Lighting Control Interface design

In the world of lighting design, we cannot underestimate the importance of the control interface. By designing the operator interface together with the lighting, we can provide a complete and tailored lighting experience. Adquio control displays and their versatile HMI software offer lighting designers the perfect tool to realise their vision and create intuitive, visually stunning control interfaces.

Adquio Cloud

Adquio Cloud is a web platform that gives you full control and secure observation of all your facilities. It allows you to get the most out of your facilities with attractive historical graphs, remote control via SCADA, interactive and automatic reports fully customisable to your needs. You can structure and standardise an infinite amount of data in a user-friendly graphical environment, to manage your organisation in a clear way.

It also allows you to make decisions and manage your facilities from anywhere in the world thanks to real-time supervision and control with the latest quality management tools.

Customised user interfaces

At Project Nekton, we use Adquio displays and their software to create the perfect interface for you, fully tailored to your functional and aesthetic needs. We not only focus on needs, but also guarantee safety and functionality in our designs.

The software offers many unique features: you can design screens that are only accessible to specific users, such as administrators. Thus, certain settings can be managed by qualified staff, while other options are visible to everyone. You can also create as many users or access profiles as needed. In addition, our software has an integrated screensaver and can work seamlessly with other software on the same screen.

Finally, Adquio offers the possibility of integration with any system. Besides managing traditional and modern lighting systems such as DALI and Casambi, it can also control a building's climate control, alarm systems or access controls. With Adquio Screen and Adquio Industrial Screen, we continue to offer you the best solutions for managing your installations.