Casambi - Lighting control for the modern world

Project Nekton is a proud partner of Casambi - we can assist our clients with the installation of Casambi smart lighting technology.

Controls of (smart) lighting often look complex and seem difficult to understand. They are usually tied to a specific manufacturer and protocol, limiting flexibility and choice. The interfaces and user experience of these controls can be substandard, leading to frustration and confusion. Moreover, lighting controls often require specialised knowledge and expertise to set up and use them effectively.

With Casambi, you get

Control as part of luminaire package, no additional hardware required

Total design freedom, choose from trusted manufacturers

No restrictions on control wiring, master controllers or subnets

Free software continuously improved via the cloud

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a low power wireless technology available in all modern smartphones and tablets. BLE was developed at the Nokia Research Centre where Casambi's founders worked.

Such a self-organising wireless mesh network can control a large number of luminaires from any point. The Casambi devices are smart on their own and connected only when needed. An internet connection is not required for normal use, it is only necessary to send or retrieve user interface configurations from the cloud service.

The free Casambi app works as a user interface and simultaneously as a lighting control solution, a commissioning tool and a remote gateway. Casambi's technology works with existing luminaires or already installed wall switches from any manufacturer, but can also be easily integrated into LED drivers, LED lamps or LED modules.

Casambi cooperates with all the leading manufacturers of luminaires.


Wired lighting control presents huge challenges when a building later changes its use, new lighting designs are required and wires have to be unplugged. Wireless lighting management solutions, on the other hand, offer the freedom to effortlessly customise wiring using software.

Casambi's technology allows lighting designers and manufacturers to wirelessly connect devices together, creating customisable smart lighting networks that are configured and controlled using the Casambi App.

This is particularly useful for renovation and construction projects where solutions are sought that completely avoid the need for wiring and reconstruction of surfaces and accommodate flexible lighting strategies.

Casambi app

Casambi allows you to control luminaires directly from your mobile device, using Bluetooth Low Energy, the advanced communication technology built into every modern smartphone, tablet and smartwatch.

Users only need to download the Casambi app to their iOS or Android device, and they are ready to control all their lighting fixtures.

Casambi's app is designed to make it easy for anyone to set and control lighting. The app uses intuitive gesture controls: tap a luminaire to turn it on or off, swipe from left to right to adjust brightness, up and down for colour temperature, or hold to change the colour. With the unique gallery function, you can even upload your own photos of the room, mark the fixtures' positions and use them to select and control them.


The Casambi lighting system is trusted today in all kinds of sensitive applications, from hospitals to air traffic control towers. Because reliability and security of communications are crucial to meeting the demands of mission-critical environments, Casambi goes to great lengths to ensure their system is inherently secure by design, and cyber-secure in compliance with global standards.

  • No universal passwords
  • Secure interfaces
  • Proven cryptography
  • Security by Default
  • Verified software
  • Automatic security updates
  • Vulnerability reporting programme

Certified Commissioning Partner

At Project Nekton, both Stéphane, Guy and Cédric have the Casambi Commissioning Competence Certification achieved.