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Sustainable, smart lighting solutions for the future

Imagine: you enter a room and the light automatically welcomes you, adapting to environmental conditions and available daylight. With connected lighting systems, we make this a reality.

These systems offer more than just lighting management; they enhance ambience, increase efficiency and can lead to energy savings of up to 80%.

We conduct a thorough analysis and propose a tailor-made lighting plan. With favourable financing options, we install the lighting with our team and provide ongoing reporting and data-driven optimizations.

In addition, circularity is central to Project Nekton. We strive to balance the use of natural resources, such as energy, with conservation to minimize negative climate impact.

Lighting Solutions - Project Nekton Lighting Solutions - Project Nekton

Endless benefits for your organization and employees:

  • Receive a detailed tailor-made lighting plan
  • Set the mood with comfortable and connected lighting
  • Significantly increase employee well-being and productivity
  • Analyze real-time activities and gain new insights through lighting sensors
  • Create a stimulating atmosphere in the workplace with human-centric lighting
  • Benefit from cost-neutral financing solutions with Light-as-a-Service
  • Contribute to a sustainable future with circular lighting
  • Enjoy energy savings of up to 80%

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Smart, wireless lighting

Light is becoming a new intelligent language in the IoT world, making parameters such as energy consumption, room occupancy and environmental information visible and actionable. Customers benefit from an energy platform that provides insight into their consumption patterns, and tracks burning hours and maintenance dates for continuous improvement and assurance of operation.

Wireless communication systems such as Bluetooth Low Energy and Zigbee allow for easier scaling and the potential to save up to 80% on installation costs and 75% on energy consumption.

Lighting Solutions - Project Nekton Lighting Solutions - Project Nekton

Energy efficient and smart building

Lighting plays a crucial role in the interconnected web of building management, sharing important data with the broader building management system. This collaboration ensures that everything can be seen at a glance, enabling monitoring and optimization for optimal performance.

Trigrr is a Building Operating System that turns any commercial building into an efficient and agnostic smart building. All hardware devices and software are unified into one global system to increase building efficiency, occupant well-being and asset value.

Learn more about Trigrr and how we are integrating it into our smart projects at Project Nekton.

Trigrr - Project Nekton

What our satisfied customers say

Satisfied customers are our best ambassadors. So we are very proud to have the trust of some wonderful customers.

"Project Nekton replaced all existing fixtures in our production hall with LED fixtures resistant to the atmospheric conditions of our acid department. A clear lighting study was made beforehand. In... Read more good consultation and with knowledge of the matter, the price calculation and planning were discussed. At our request, work was done in two phases. first phase during summer closing and second phase in fall 2023. In both phases the planning was meticulously respected by Nekton. The works were carried out professionally with respect for our infrastructure and safety rules. A compliment to the entire team! And now we are enjoying a better-lit hall that provides a more pleasant and above all safer working environment, with more sustainable consumption. WIN-WIN-WIN!" - ZINQ Antwerpen

"In addition to achieving considerable energy savings and improving comfort levels, the project was also executed with excellent compliance. " - Roy Van den Wyngaert

View the case: Etion

"Correct advice adapted to customer needs. Fluent communication about execution deadlines, which were perfectly respected. Smooth, correct installation by professionals. " - Gizy Lamaire

"Professional and flexible team, both in sales, planning and execution. Broad product knowledge and experience in installation. A good solution is sought in function of the available budget. Nice co... Read moreoperation!" - JVDM

"Thank you for your knowledge and competencies in the field of Light and the corresponding solutions and controls. " - Eric Gielen

"Good execution, technical knowledge and adherence to agreed timing " - Geert Merckx

"The cooperation with Nekton went very smoothly. A knowledgeable quote was followed by proper installation. Communication throughout the process was smooth and efficient. " - PDB

"Great service, quality lighting! " - CP

"Professional, everything as agreed upon " - PT

"Quick quote with very good prices, quick installation. Very friendly people! Just very good! " - Parfumerie AURA, Kapellen

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