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To stay financially sound in industrial companies, it is essential to carefully monitor the cost of each process.

Choosing high-quality materials and techniques can minimize downtime. Lighting that provides both comfort and functionality ensures workplace safety and increases employee productivity. Connected lighting fits seamlessly with the vision of Industry 4.0, which fully harnesses the potential of advanced technology.

So when designing an industrial environment, it is crucial to pay attention to lighting so that we create a work environment that promotes productivity as well as employee safety and well-being.

Want to know more about the possibilities of sustainable lighting? Get advice from our experts!

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The benefits for your employees

Running an industrial facility requires more than sophisticated systems and optimized processes. It depends on your most valuable resource – dedicated, talented employees.

The right light for every task. We create a safe working environment by ensuring a well-lit workplace that, on the one hand, satisfies all visual aspects of light: color temperature, illuminance, color rendering, light distribution, contrast ratio, reducing flicker and glare.

We also promote employee well-being, on the other hand, by considering the non-visual aspects, light that responds to our emotional, biological and cognitive functioning. This concept is better known as Human Centric Lighting (HCL).

The benefits for your organization and environment

Maintenance: from reactive to anticipatory. Unplanned downtime is annoying for everyone. From now on, continuous monitoring makes it possible to perform proactive maintenance to minimize downtime.

Smart devices: Our advanced sensors and beacons allow you to monitor, monitor and observe key machines, processes and work areas within your facility. They give you a clear picture of your facility’s status, occupancy, activity and much more. This way, you know what’s going on anytime, anywhere.

Thanks to our digital connection, your projects are scalable and we deliver specific insights and reports tailored to both financial and operational needs.

Finally, we minimize environmental impact by opting for high-efficiency solutions and sustainable design to reduce waste.

LED’s talk

Industry - Project Nekton

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