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Trigrr – Smart Building Platform

Project Nekton is a certified integrator of the Building Operating System Trigrr.

Triggr - Project Nekton

Lighting plays a crucial role in the interconnected web of building management, sharing important data with the broader building management system. This collaboration ensures that everything can be seen at a glance, enabling monitoring and optimization for optimal performance.

Trigrr is a Building Operating System (BOS) that turns any commercial building into an efficient and agnostic smart building. All hardware devices and software are unified into one global system to increase building efficiency, occupant well-being and asset value.

A unique metalanguage

With Trigrr, all devices speak the same language, regardless of the type of system or equipment (ventilation, lighting, security, audiovisual, etc.). This metalanguage instantly translates any type of information to all protocols.

Designed to make tomorrow’s protocols easier to learn, Trigrr offers extensive backward compatibility.

This universal language allows for an unprecedented level of synergy without ever freezing interactions. Freed from the logic of scripts, the smart building adapts to the needs of any real estate provider!

Outstanding compatibility

The Trigrr system is compatible with a wide range of brands and protocols used in commercial buildings. It breaks the logic of silos and provides true 360º interoperability!

Trigrr - Project Nekton Trigrr - Project Nekton

Intuitive user interface

Trigrr also provides an operator interface for end users. This interface acts as a universal remote control for the smart building and is available on any screen to control all technologies in the building in real time: lighting, HVAC, access control, video, IoT, audio, elevators – and so on.

Each location can also display a simple QR code that allows visitors to control the equipment in a particular room.


Secure by design

Trigrr guarantees its customers a high level of security and optimal stability.

The BOS itself is hosted in the cloud, but it can also be installed in the heart of the building on any Linux server. Thanks to this technical flexibility, even the most demanding security policies can be met.

Wiredscore Accredited solution 2023

Thanks to the flexibility and efficiency offered by Trigrr, a building equipped with our BOS can receive SmartScore certification.

With the stamp of approval from WiredScore, you can rest assured that you are implementing and using technologies that are in line with today’s smart building standards.

A certified WiredScore building generates incredible ROI, objectively confirmed by the largest international property managers.

Trigrr - Project Nekton Trigrr - Project Nekton

Certified Trigrr integrator

Project Nekton is a certified integrator of the Building Operating System Trigrr.

Project Nekton is a certified integrator of the Building Operating System Trigrr.

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