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Whether you are a teacher, board member or caregiver, the power of the right lighting cannot be underestimated. Through carefully chosen lighting solutions, you can create an inspiring living and learning environment that not only enhances experience and well-being, but also increases engagement and concentration in the classroom or healthcare environment. A well-lit space can make all the difference in how students and patients behave, perform, and feel. Find out how lighting can contribute to a more positive, productive, and healthy environment in both education and healthcare settings.

When designing healthcare and educational facilities, it is essential to pay careful attention to lighting. In doing so, we create an environment that promotes the learning performance and well-being of students and patients, as well as the efficiency and comfort of staff.

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Care & Education - Project Nekton Care & Education - Project Nekton

Lighting Quality

Students deserve a healthy and comfortable learning environment. An upgrade to LED lighting not only provides better visibility in the classroom, but also reduces annoying glare and flicker. While fluorescent lighting, often used in schools, can disturb some students and cause symptoms such as headaches, LED fixtures offer a solution to this.

Circadian rhythm

Our internal circadian rhythm, or biological clock, regulates sleep-wake cycles and synchronizes with the light-dark cycles of the day. Proper lighting in institutions such as schools and healthcare facilities can support this rhythm, promoting concentration and relaxation. Today, students sleep an average of two hours less, in part due to reduced daylight and electronics before sleep, which disrupts our rhythm and melatonin production. Adapted lighting can play a crucial role in this.

The benefits for your school or healthcare facility

  • Smart lighting technology: Today’s advanced LED lighting fixtures have the capacity to create “smart schools. They feature built-in sensors and fixtures that communicate with each other, bringing a whole new dimension to how we see and use lighting.
  • Automatic dimming for energy savings: LED luminaires can be equipped with “daylight dimming. This makes them automatically react to ambient light levels, dimming unnecessary light in a timely manner, leading to savings on energy bills.
  • More than just energy savings: The possibilities go beyond energy and maintenance savings. Modern smart lighting solutions can help schools monitor their surroundings, increase security and even improve connectivity by serving as “LiFi” hotspots.
  • Flexible lighting control: An adjustable lighting system provides teachers with an additional tool in the classroom. It helps to capture students’ attention, promote relaxation after recess, and provide the perfect lighting levels for each specific task. Choosing the right light intensity or color temperature for different school tasks can greatly enhance the learning experience for students.

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Care & Education - Project Nekton Care & Education - Project Nekton
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