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Stéphane, Guy and Cédric have achieved Casambi Commissioning Competence Certification!

Project Nekton is now also a partner of Casambi, and we can assist our customers with the installation of Casambi smart lighting technology.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), a low-power wireless technology available in all modern smartphones and tablets. BLE was developed at the Nokia Research Centre where the founders of Casambi worked.

Such a self-organising wireless mesh network can control a large number of luminaires from any point. The Casambi devices are smart on their own and only connected when needed. An internet connection is not required for normal use, it is only necessary to send or call up user interface configurations from the cloud service.

The free Casambi app works as a user interface and simultaneously as a lighting control solution, a commissioning tool and a remote gateway. Casambi's technology works with existing luminaires or already installed wall switches from any manufacturer, but can also be easily integrated into LED drivers, LED lamps or LED modules.

Casambi cooperates with all the leading manufacturers of luminaires.

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