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You can find Project Nekton from now on at BLWRK - a unique co-working space in the Authentic Fort 5 in Edegem.

With a team that is always on the move for our clients, this co-working location offers the ideal base in Edegem, located in the heart of the green lung in Antwerp's Zuidrand. No more daily traffic jams, and plenty of time to work together on the sustainable future of Project Nekton and our clients, in beautifully green, inspiring and historic surroundings.

Fort 5

Fort 5, along with the other Brialmont forts around Antwerp, was built a good 150 years ago. Between 1859 and 1864 to be precise.

The Bulwark may be located in a monument, but it is a bastion of the future: an active and creative space that connects enterprising people and their initiatives.