Why Project Nekton

We aim for intelligent, sustainable lighting that saves energy, optimises the working environment and adapts to your needs - day and night.

Lighting accounts for 12% of global electricity consumption per year.

Environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and productivity in the workplace are becoming increasingly important. Companies are looking for ways to reduce their lighting-related energy costs and create a pleasant working environment that promotes employee productivity and well-being.

How great would it be when you enter a building and the light automatically welcomes you - light that adapts to the environment and the amount of available daylight?

That makes us at Project Nekton really happy.

We create value out of something you already own:
your lighting

Connected lighting systems not only offer better lighting management to reduce costs and improve energy efficiency, they improve the atmosphere in the workplace and greatly increase efficiency.

The immediate result is significant energy savings of 80%!

We collect data from lighting sensors and link it to other (building management) systems to analyse activities and gain new insights to improve the way you work

Sustainable & Circular Lighting

Circularity is at the heart of Project Nekton. Sustainability is the pursuit of balancing the use of natural resources, such as energy, with preserving the environment to minimise the negative impact on the climate.

For our customers, we start by understanding the current energy consumption of the lighting system.

We don't just look at the initial investment but treat the project in its total cost of ownership. Thanks to smart LED technology we double the savings On top of the fact that LEDs already consume less than traditional lighting.

In addition, the EU is giving an extra push by starting from July 2023 Ban the production of fluorescent lamps because of mercurial.

When we talk about circular lighting, we are not only talking about sustainability, but also about economic efficiency.

Contrary to common perception, sustainable solutions are not necessarily more expensive. By choosing circular lighting, you are investing in a system that is designed to last, is easy to maintain and can eventually be recycled, extending the product's life cycle.

This will not only save on your energy bills in the long run, but also contribute to reducing waste and creating a more sustainable world.

Our circular process starts with the careful selection of our luminaires, controls, products and technologies. As a service provider we are independent of suppliers; we choose and can combine brands, brands that design their luminaires sustainably and modularly with refurbishment in mind and then make smart thanks to technology such as Casambi, Interact and Adquio.

The next step, installation, is efficient and respectful of existing infrastructures, with wireless technologies allowing us to reuse existing power cables. Through an intuitive dashboard, customers get insight into their consumption, which not only raises awareness but also enables continuous improvements

We provide continuous monitoring and proactive maintenance of your installation, depending on the lighting services chosen, to ensure optimal efficiency and savings. At the end of the contract, we offer flexible options for reuse, repurposing or takeover, contributing to reducing waste and promoting circularity.


Human Centric Lighting and the importance of good lighting in the office

A new approach to office lighting that focuses on the needs of the people working in these spaces.

Comfort & Human Centric Lighting

Lighting solutions that respond to natural rhythm, cognitive needs and atmosphere to create a homely, stimulating environment.

Daylight and sunlight play on our minds. Since the 1950s, we have collectively left the fields and started working under non-dynamic artificial light.

A investment at better light provides happy employees and satisfied employees are in fact essential to success of a company!

Quality during the operational phase is important, when you know that 90% of a company's costs go to personnel costs, the remaining 10% to rent and energy.

Light activates, and using smart lighting and well-thought-out lighting scenes, we provide cognitive light to learn better or be more productive, or ambient light when the atmosphere is allowed to be relaxed.

Smart Lighting & Digitalisation

Light is becoming a new intelligent language in the IoT world, making parameters such as energy consumption, space utilisation and environmental information visible and usable.

For the customer an energy platform for better understanding into its consumption patterns and encourages awareness in its consumption. Burning hours and maintenance dates are tracked, allowing us to continuously monitor, guarantee and improve operation.

We prefer wireless communication (Bluetooth Low Energy, Zigbee,...) versus wired systems; wireless systems are fully scalable, you can start with one room and then worry-free expand to several floors. Wireless allows you to save up to 80% installation costs and up to 75% energy.

Our partners

Project Nekton is a proud partner of Casambi - we can assist our clients with the installation of Casambi smart lighting technology.

Project Nekton is Certified System Integrator for Interact - the Internet of Things platform for connected lighting systems.

Project Nekton is official partner of Adquio, a modern ecosystem for smart control of electronic devices such as lighting.


OpEx vs CapEx: Investing in Lighting Projects

Investing in energy-efficient and sustainable lighting solutions delivers long-term savings, but it requires careful consideration when deciding whether to invest via OpEx or CapEx.

Funding - budget neutral

Cost-neutral solutions with flexible options for reuse, repurposing or takeover end of contract.

We offer light as a service, where the rental amount is lower than your current operational costs.

The customer, when choosing financing, does not have to invest anything end of contract we provide a buy-back guarantee. Or have the choice to take over the installation. Or we offer it a second life with a new customer.

Thanks to CLaaS, we close the loop with our customers and guarantee proper operation over a long period of time and end-of-life.

Light as a Service (Financing without worries)

We offer a turnkey service: from design and financing to installation and maintenance You choose a flexible service term of 5, 7 to 10 years with possible extension of an additional 5 years.

Thanks to our financing, you save immediately: in fact, the financing together with the energy savings is lower than your current operating costs! In addition, our financing is not included on your balance sheet, it OpEx LaaS contract complies with IFRS16.

We guarantee the savings: we demonstrate this thanks to actual consumption, which can be viewed at any time via the energy dashboard. We also maintain your installation: during the LaaS period, we proactively maintain the new lighting system (parts & labour) - there are no extra costs should the system break down somewhere.

Light at your Service (Own investment, without worries)

In addition to our LaaS model, we also offer a traditional CapEx procurement model. We call this model Light at your Service of LayS. We still provide a 100% outsourced turnkey service, but as a customer, you invest with your own capital for the system and then enjoy the guaranteed ROI of the new system.

Based on diagnoses, you manage the installation and have an overview of the actual savings. Does something malfunction? Then our team is already intervening before you know it.

Lighting expertise

A good lighting plan can make a world of difference. That is why at Project Nekton we always implement detailed lighting studies to identify the ideal lighting solutions for your specific situation.

But we go beyond making recommendations. We carefully map your existing lighting installation to analyse its energy consumption and potential cost savings, as well as the impact of light on the environment. Afterwards, we provide tailored lighting advice and guide you into the future of lighting.


There is a sustainable lighting solution for every conceivable application. Endlessly versatile and always tailor-made.


In order to remain strong in the industry, each process must be closely monitored in terms of cost, comfort and optimum safety.


In today's fast-paced working environment, it is more important than ever to create a space that promotes productivity and well-being.


Retail environments have changed, and with them the role of lighting design. Lighting is no longer purely functional; technology has turned it into an effective branding and marketing tool, with the aim of improving the consumer experience.


When furnishing hotels, bars or restaurants, the focus is on the experience. Lighting is a crucial factor that shapes the setting and contributes to a great experience.

Care & Education

In addition to thermal comfort, acoustics and indoor air quality, good lighting is very important in schools in many different ways.

UV-C disinfection

Project Nekton offers UV-C lighting to meet the growing demand for disinfection.

Recent cases

Be inspired by some of the interesting lighting projects that we have recently been able to bring to a successful conclusion!


Case: Steinweg

New smart lighting for Steinweg Belgium's warehouses in the port of Antwerp.

Case: Etion

New smart lighting for Etion's entire building in Wilrijk.

Case: Van Moer Logistics

New smart lighting for Van Moer Logistics' warehouses in the port of Antwerp.


Let's work together towards a more sustainable circular future.

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