Relighting is the replacement of existing lighting with more energy-efficient LED lighting. This can be done for various reasons, including improving the aesthetics of the room, increasing the amount of light or reducing energy costs.

Relighting is different from New lighting, where you install new LED lighting from a completely new design. This can be in a room where there was no lighting before, or where the old lighting has been removed completely.

Check here for more information and the benefits of Relighting vs New lighting.

Whether you opt for relighting or a completely new design, we always use a similar plan of action.

Our plan of action

1 - Inventory (only for relighting)

  • We take stock of the existing lighting installation
  • We measure the current light level
  • We calculate the total energy consumption of the current installation
  • Your building in virtual & augmented reality? We work together with companies that offer Scan to BIM, 2 birds with one stone

2 - Check

  • We check whether the current light level complies with the lighting standards
  • We check if there are any preconditions: are there any future expansions, specific needs?
  • We plan the maintenance: are there critical and less critical areas for which specific slaves (service level agreements) must be drawn up?
  • We prepare the site and determine the planning
  • Light Services: can we speed up the process by offering financing?

3 - Study

  • We carry out the lighting study in accordance with the standard, we choose the best solution in function of needs and budget, completely independent of the suppliers
  • You receive a comprehensive technical lighting report
  • You get an implantation plan of the luminaires and sensors on a CAD plan
  • A budget quotation is drawn up.
  • The payback period is determined
  • We discuss everything during our feedback meeting

4 - Quotation

  • After the feedback moment, we put the icing on the cake with our fine-tuning
  • The adjusted binding offer is then presented

5 - Realisation

  • You are convinced of our unique proposal?
  • Yes! We start the implementation with our own installation team
  • You will be informed of the progress each week at the site meeting

6 - Delivery

  • Upon delivery we will provide you with the As-built file
  • Together with the technical data sheets
  • You will receive training on the lighting control system and its reporting capabilities
  • Does the project qualify for subsidies? We take care of the administrative processing.

7 - Maintenance & Follow-up

  • The maintenance contract is drawn up: proactive service with guaranteed results
  • We continuously monitor and look for possible optimisations from our Data-Analysis
  • We schedule physical checkpoints annually or triennially