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Light Services

With our lighting services, we want to take your worries out of your hands. You have the choice of Light as a Service (LaaS) or Light at Your Service (LayS)with which we offer lighting solutions 100% tailored to your company, needs, wishes and budget.

Whichever solution you choose, we take away all the worries and assume full responsibility for a continuously perfectly functioning installation!

Light as a Service (Financing without worries)

Light as a Service or LaaS:

  • We offer a turnkey service: from design and financing to installation and maintenance
  • You can choose a flexible service period: 5, 7 or 10 years service with the possibility of an extra 5 years
  • Thanks to the financing, you save immediately, because the financing associated with energy savings is lower than your current operating costs
  • Onze financiering wordt niet op je balans opgenomen, het OpEx LaaS-contract voldoet aan IFRS16
  • We guarantee the savings: we show them thanks to the actual consumption, which can be viewed at any time on your energy dashboard
  • We maintain your installation: during the LaaS period, we maintain the new lighting system pro-actively (parts & labour) You do not pay any more € if the system does break down somewhere

Benefits for LaaS customers:

  • Opportunity cost of capital: as a customer, you can invest your capital in your core activities and thus achieve a higher return
  • Guaranteed savings result: the results are based on actual savings and ensure that you, as a customer, benefit from the new system immediately
  • Allocation of resources and personnel: You do not need to reserve internal resources or people, but can simply use our own experienced installation team

Light at your Service (Own investment, without worries)

Light at your Service of LayS:

Naast ons LaaS-model bieden we ook een traditioneel CapEx-inkoopmodel aan. We noemen dit model Light at your Service of LayS.

We still provide a 100% outsourced service, but as a customer you invest your own capital for the system and then enjoy the guaranteed ROI of the new system.

Based on diagnoses, you manage the installation and have an overview of the actual savings. Does something malfunction? Then our team is already intervening before you know it.

The following shows how this upgrade option works:

  • Detailed audit and diagnosis: we carry out a detailed audit and ROI analysis so you can make an informed decision about your investment
  • Economies of scale as purchasing power: as lighting specialists, we buy large quantities of luminaires and sensors from top European suppliers every year, and we pass on our extra discounts to our customers
  • Independent expertise: we select the most suitable LED system based on the technical and commercial characteristics for the location
  • Turnkey service: we design, purchase and install with our own team
  • No more worries: we take the worries away from the customer and fully assume our responsibility of a continuously perfectly functioning installation

Benefits for LayS customers:

  • Optimal working environment: we improve lighting levels and uniformity
  • Long-term guarantees: we offer long-term guarantees that go beyond the market standard, providing further savings on maintenance
  • Allocation of resources: our Operations Team will take care of the overall project management, your own people and resources will be minimally burdened
  • Accelerating the ROI: by using our purchasing power, independent market knowledge and fast installation, the customer can accelerate the ROI


OpEx vs CapEx: Investment in lighting projects

Investeren in energie-efficiënte en duurzame verlichtingsoplossingen levert besparingen op lange termijn op, maar het vereist een zorgvuldige afweging bij de beslissing om te investeren via OpEx of CapEx.