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Van Moer Logistics is a leading logistics player in the port of Antwerp that makes maximum use of multimodal transport: a combination of inland shipping, with rail and road transport.

Case: New lighting for Van Moer Logistics - Project Nekton

After an in-depth lighting study, we installed smart lighting throughout several large warehouses: with an impressive area of 55,000 square metres, this was a project of stature.

We installed 546 high-performance LED clocks combined with 70 smart Beg luxomat sensors, which are managed via a wireless control system. This innovative approach ensures that lighting is only switched on in the zones where activity is detected, resulting in significant energy savings.

The project is smartly powered with Bluetooth Low Energy modules from Casambi, a wireless control system that also allows real-time adjustment of light levels, enabling optimum control and efficiency in this dynamic logistics warehouse. This precise control of lighting ensures excellent visibility and safety for employees, regardless of the time of day or night.

The end result is impressive: an energy saving of 81% was realised. This project highlights the effectiveness of Project Nekton's smart lighting solutions even in the most vast and active logistics spaces!

Case: New lighting for Van Moer Logistics - Project Nekton

By the way, did you know that we make a detailed and accurate lighting study for every project? You can read all about it on our Relighting page!

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