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C Steinweg Group focuses on storing and handling goods in port areas.

Case: New lighting for Steinweg Belgium - Project Nekton

Project Nekton recently applied its innovative, sustainable lighting solutions in the imposing warehouses of Steinweg Belgium, a crucial logistics player in the port of Antwerp. The challenge? An immense space of 23,500 square metres, used for storing cocoa beans, with numerous aisles where hardly any activity takes place.

Our solution was as smart as it was efficient. We installed 280 high-quality LED clocks, providing bright light where and when needed. This, coupled with 33 state-of-the-art sensors, ensures that lighting is only active in zones where activity is taking place. Quiet in a corridor? The lights dim automatically, providing huge energy savings.

With our Casambi wireless control, we have taken lighting management to the next level. This wireless technology offers a simple, intuitive control of lighting in real time, allowing light levels to be accurately adjusted to the needs of the moment.

The result? A spectacular energy savings of no less than 87%, without making any concessions to employee visibility and safety. This project illustrates how Project Nekton can make a big impact on energy efficiency and working environment with smart, sustainable lighting solutions, even in the most challenging conditions.

Case: New lighting for Steinweg Belgium - Project Nekton

By the way, did you know that we make a detailed and comprehensive lighting study for every project in advance? You can read all about it on our Relighting page!

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