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Mayerhof asbl is a residential care centre in Mortsel, whose mission is to ensure a dignified old age for every resident.

Existing situation

The existing situation in the entrance hall, corridors and communal dining areas consisted of some 500 Compact Fluo downlights. Fluorescent lamps are not just large consumers, from 2023 their production and sale will also be banned in the EU.

The perfect time to proceed with the complete replacement of all remaining lighting of this type.

Our Solution

After a thorough analysis of the existing situation, Project Nekton replaced all 500 fluorescent downlights with Smart LED downlights equipped with Interact Signify's IoT technology.

The existing cabling for power supply was retained, and combined with wireless communication for control, no additional cabling was needed, leading to significant cost savings.

Furthermore, we installed new wireless sensors to automatically dim the lights when sufficient daylight enters through the large windows. The smart lighting also automatically dims all lights at night, and it is possible to control lighting per room via an application.

3 gateways connect the installation to the cloud, allowing permanent monitoring of proper operation and remote software updates. Actual energy consumption can be continuously monitored or exported in the form of energy reporting.

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With our Relighting services Project Nekton has made a large part of residential care centre Mayerhof a whole lot more energy-efficient and ecological.

Due to the better light output of the new LED downlights, not only do residents and visitors get more light, energy savings of 63% are achieved compared to the old fluorescent lamps. And thanks to the smart control we added, there is an additional energy saving of 50%!

The installation was just completed, but we are counting on a total saving of some 82% compared to the previous installation.

By the way, did you know that we make such a lighting study and ROI analysis for every project? You can read all about it on our Relighting page!