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Asogem is a logistics company active in white goods.

Existing situation

Asogem's products are stored in three large warehouses, with a total surface area of 16400 m². To illuminate these 16400 m², the warehouses are already equipped with large skylights, which let in enough sunlight on sunny days to adequately light the rooms.

In addition to the skylights, the lighting installation in Asogem consisted of 393 lighting units with fluorescent tubes type T5 (2*80W). The fixtures were mounted on light lines and equipped with 18 motion sensors. In addition, light meters were installed to switch off certain luminaires when there was sufficient light.

At first glance, this seemed like a fine installation, but of course there is always room for improvement. And that is exactly what they called in Project Nekton for!

Our Solution

After a thorough analysis of the existing situation, we proposed a new lighting solution to Asogem, including a comprehensive lighting study and ROI analysis.

Since the existing luminaires with fluorescent tubes are no longer the most energy-efficient or ecological solution, all 393 existing units were replaced with high-quality LED luminaires that fit into the existing light line.

In addition, the motion detectors that were not working optimally were replaced with 19 new motion detectors, for which we designed a completely new installation plan so that each motion detector would always work optimally.

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With our Relighting services Project Nekton made the entire warehouse of Asogem Mechelen more energy-efficient and ecological in one step, without any major intervention in the existing lighting lines.


By keeping the existing light lines, we were able to achieve high cost efficiency for Asogem, which has a nice impact on the expected ROI: 4 years and 4 months.

With the high-quality LED lighting that we installed, there is a energy savings of 77% compared to the old situation!

Case: Asogem - Relighting lighting project - Project Nekton

Climate impact

In addition to lowering energy bills, relighting also has a positive impact on Asogem's ecological footprint.

Below is an interesting overview with some great figures:

Case: Asogem - Relighting lighting project - Project Nekton

By the way, did you know that we make such a lighting study and ROI analysis for every project? You can read all about it on our Relighting page!

Find out how we can help your business with sustainable and more efficient LED lighting. LED's talk