Lighting in industry

To stay financially sound in the industry, costs must be closely monitored for each process. Lighting can account for 80% of a warehouse's energy bill. Quality energy-efficient lighting lasts longer and can have a significant impact on profitability. By choosing quality, downtime can be reduced to a minimum. The right lighting with an eye on comfort ensures optimum safety on the shop floor and improves the productivity of employees. Connected lighting responds to Industry 4.0 that fully harnesses the power of smart technology.


Running an industrial facility requires more than sophisticated systems and optimised processes. It depends on your most valuable resource - dedicated, talented employees.

The right light for every task. We create a safe working environment by ensuring a well-lit workplace that on the one hand complies with all visual aspects of light: colour temperature, illuminance, colour rendering, light distribution, contrast ratio, reduction of flicker and glare.

On the other hand, we also promote the wellbeing of the employees by non-visual aspects, light that affects our emotional, biological and cognitive functioning.

Better known as Human Centric Lighting or HCL.


We minimise environmental impact by choosing high-efficiency solutions and sustainable design to reduce waste.

Moreover, we prefer solutions that comply with the principles of circularity, we choose manufacturers who can present EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations). Or manufacturers who comply with Zhaga standardisation, making components easily replaceable.

Finally, we comply with national and international energy and environmental guidelines.

Connected lighting

In our projects, we provide a lighting management system that delivers added value in the form of insights and data.

Maintenance: from reactive to anticipative

Unplanned downtime is annoying for everyone. From now on, thanks to permanent monitoring, it is possible to carry out proactive maintenance and thus reduce downtime to a minimum.

Smart devices: The digital senses

Our advanced sensors and beacons allow you to control, monitor and observe important machines, processes and work areas within your facility. They give you a clear picture of your facility's status, occupancy, activity and much more. So you'll always know what's going on, wherever you are.

Thanks to the digital connection, we ensure that your projects are scalable so that possible future expansions can be integrated into the system without any problem.

We can deliver data and clear, actionable insights to the right people. Separate management reports can be prepared for the CFO (financial report) or the plant manager (operational report), for example.

Guesswork is no longer necessary; from now on, you take decisions in real time, based on facts.



An energy saving of 77% thanks to new high-quality LED lighting in Asogem Mechelen's warehouses.